s t a r g a z e presents: Post-Beethoven-Fest 2021 2021.06.10 volksbuhne Berlin
For the third time since 2014, we will present one of our trademark ‚weekender’ festivals of new collaborative work and genre-defying commissions in the liminal realms of new classical, electronic and alternative music at the Volksbühne Berlin. (Streaming June 10th/11th worldwide)
Lisa Hannigan and s t a r g a z e 2021.06.27 Utrecht
Irish singer-songwriter Lisa Hannigan’s discography is given fresh symphonic impetus  performed live with contemporary chamber orchestra s t a r g a z e.
ABC – (not) Another Beethoven Cycle 2021.07
ABC -(not) another Beethoven Cycle' an ongoing exploration of Beethoven's 9 symphonies, de-and reconstructed by s t a r g a z e and 9 collaborators.
Boards of Canada - Hi-Scores 2021.07
By translating the synthesized sounds into physical instruments the group unravels the orchestral quality of Hi-Scores and brings the timeless chord progressions and elongated melodies from your headphones onto the stage.
High Dive 2021.07
High Dive is an ode to the inner child, a new composition by Morris Kliphuis and words by Otto Wichers written for singer Pitou and stargaze.
starTracks with Nik Void, Arone Dyer, Tyondai Braxton and Greg Saunier 2021.07
we have been one of a handful of ensembles given a ‚ReLoad’-grant by the Bundeskulturstiftung (the German governments’ arts foundation – they already supported our Spitting Chamber Music project in 20
MÁM - Teac Damsa 2021.10.08
Bringing together the virtuoso  Irish traditional concertina player Cormac Begley the European classical contemporary collective stargaze and twelve international dancers from the Teaċ Daṁsa company MÁM is a meeting place between soloist and ensemble classical and traditional the local and universal.
ARONE x stargaze - THE ALBUM 2022
Thank you so much for your broad support! We successfully ran a 25000.00 EUR Kickstarter for making an album with one of our favorite artists and collaborators, composer and singer Arone Dyer in 2021/2022.