Musica Nova Festival Helsinki


February 5th 2017 at G Live Lab in Helsinki, Finland.

s t a r g a z e’ Boards Of Canada project is based on their seminal HI Scores EP which was recently re-released, and acknowledges the layered orchestrations of the originals, reimagining the colours stemming mostly from the band’s legendary arsenal of analogue synths by instrumental, semi-accoustic means. Since Boards Of Canada have abandoned the realm of live performance some time ago, stargaze have decided to humbly step into that void, as a hommage but also in order to create a live-set valid in its own righ. This special performance at Musical Nova will be a collaboration between stargaze and drummer Teppo Mäkynen at G Live Lab.

For our Finnish Debut we are over the moon to also feature two compositions of Qasim Naqvi, drummer of the amazing Dawn of Midi – their concerts took our breaths several times already. Qasim is a talented composer, too! We will not only perform his Preamble but also premiere a new composition commissioned by us.

Find your tickets here and see you soon in Helsinki.