Poliça and stargaze – Music for the Long Emergency

1November 18th and 19th 2016
United States
Fitzgerald Theatre, St Paul/ Minneapolis (MIN)  and Schofield Auditorium, Eau Claire (WIS)

On initiative of Liquid Music (a series of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra), we started a Virtual Residency with the Minneapolis-based band Poliça, which you can follow via the Liquid Music Blog featuring interviews with Poliça and members of stargaze, videos and pictures from our first meet-ups with the band and updates on our steps towards the premiere of our collaboration in November 2016, making it possible clen max for stargaze to perform in the US for the very first time. So do keep track of our virtual residency with Polica, leading up to our US tour and debut in November, straight after that Paris gig!

Polica have just released their amazing 3rd album United Crushers, and you can catch them on tour all over this summer and autumn. We already met in Berlin in February and exchanged ideas and material, even jammed together a little, but they will return in July for us to work together in a studio for 4 days. We are sending back and forth tracks via the net, and conversations are going on, some of which are being documented on Liquid Music’s website. Liquid Music being one of the most enterprising concert series around, hosted by the St Paul Chamber Orchestra in the Twin Cities, home of Prince and well.. Polica!

You can get your tickets here for November 18th in St Paul and here for November 19th in Eau Claire!