performing boards of canada & grateful dead at motel mozaïque

Motel Mozaique and stargaze

April 9th, 2016
Motel Mozaïque

For Motel Mozaique stargaze re-arranged Boards of Canada’s highly acclaimed Hi Scores EP, the duos first significant release back in 1996 which wasn’t technically the first album but nevertheless a taste of the later released Music Has The Right To Children, featuring some of the trademark sound-patterns of the the band. The arrangements of stargaze will be a world-premiere at this years Motel Mozaique and mark a further addition to the collective’s growing catalogue of instrumental compositions. stargaze will also present their interpretation of Grateful Dead’s What’s Become Of The Baby (of the very psychedelic album AOXOMOXOA), which the collective recorded for the upcoming Grateful Dead tribute Day of the Dead of the Red Hot Aids Foundation. Invited by Bryce Dessner (The National) to contribute to the album, stargaze re-interpreted the song with long-lasting drones and vocals provided by the musicians themselves.

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