stargaze with these new puritans and richard reed parry’s ‘music for heart and breath’

The New Puritans

September 13th and 15th, 2015
Krakow, Poland
Sacrum Profanum

on june 10th, the young british band these new puritans released their third album field of reeds on the infectious label. Recorded at Nalepa Studios in Berlin, this album featured a line-up of stargaze musicians who already accompanied the only german hidden live show , including orchestral ensemble, children’s choir, two pianos and two vibraphones.

stargaze also teamed up singer/composer jack barnett with dutch composer michel van der aa to co-compose and arrange one of the tracks, the light in your name. The musical arrangements on field of reeds lead the band even further away from set definitions of pop-music, merging with chamber music and presenting a unique and unconventional style of songwriting, which the band and stargaze already presented at last year’s The Rest is Noise Festival in Amsterdam.

For sacrum profanum festival in krakow, These New Puritans will now perform their expanded-show for the third time only, conducted by andré de ridder and performed by stargaze musicians.

Richard Reed parry , the multi-talented musician out of Montreal’s rich and striking music-scene, is probably best known for his work as a core member of arcade fire and the band’s unique sound-design. Parry is the leading force and creative head of bell orchestre, being responsible for the remarkably complex instrumental compositions.

In 2014, the composer released music for heart and breath(Deutsche Grammophon), several pieces for ensemble – duet up to octet.

Tempo and development of the individual parts depend literally on the heart beat of the musicians – by listening through stethoscopes to the beat of their very own hearts – they are bound to follow them.

After playing the german premiere of music for heart and breath, the musicians of stargaze will now team up with Aaron and Bryce Dessner (The National) and Richie Parry himself.

s t a r g a z e is very honored to be invited by sacrum profanum festival in beautiful krakow for the very first time and to not only play one but two concerts!

– Dates:

September 13th – These New Puritans, stargaze and Synergy Vocals London

September 15th – Aaron and Bryce Dessner, Richie Parry and stargaze perform Music for Heart and Breath