the dodos orchestral and greg saunier’s ‘deerhoof chamber variations’

The Dodos with stargaze
The Dodos with stargaze by Emanuel Firakis

April 28th, 2015 @ 19:30
Village Underground

In the summer of 2014 a fourteen-piece s t a r g a z e orchestral ensemble and the San Francisco band the dodos , consisting of singer/guitarist Meric Logan and drummer Logan Kroeber, first presented a project that showcased the instrumentally multi-layered and -faceted songs of the band’s back-catalogue in it’s full glory. The arrangements were specially commissioned from stargaze by the Berlin Musicboard and Kilkenny Arts Festival, and receive their UK premiere on this occasion.

The Dodos just released their 5th studio album on January 26th, Individ, to critical acclaim, and will add a few of these new songs to the collaboration with the ensemble also.

And as special support of the show s t a r g a z e will perform the Deerhoof Chamber Variations !

Greg Saunier, drummer and co-songwriter of US-American indie-stalwarts deerhoof , has written a songcycle “without words” based on original songs by the band, condensed into a series of snappy chamber-ensemble pieces including two female voices. The singers don’t just replicate the original vocal lines, but are used in a rather instrumental, non-literal way, as part of the ensemble. The result are extremely beautiful, crystal-clear and neo-classical ‘covers’ which highlight the harmonic, rythmic and melodic richness of the original compositions.

Saunier recently recorded this work with s t a r g a z e and this is the UK premiere of Deerhoof Chamber Variations.