kilkenny arts festival 2014

The Dodos

August 13-14th, 2014
Kilkenny, Ireland

We’re delighted to announce that the Kilkenny Arts Festival invited stargaze to devise and perform a concert at St. Canice’s Cathedral on August 14th. In collaboration with the festival, stargaze will present the premiere performance of a new, expanded ensemble project with the dodos (followed by our concert in berlin).

On the same night stargaze will also give the Irish premiere of Death Speaks (by david lang) with and written for soloist Shara Worden ( my brightest diamond).

To end the evening, we will team up with the wonderful guitarist bill frisell and many more guests of Kilkenny Arts Festival to present an ‘all-star-gaze-version’ of Terry Riley’s in c, one of stargaze’s signature pieces: another chapter in our ongoing series reinterpreting this icon of minimal music.

In addition, on August 13th stargaze will accompany my brightest diamond and present new songs from her forthcoming album this is my hand (Asthmatic Kitty Records).