richard reed parry’s ‘music for heart and breath’

Richard Reed Perry by Guillaume Simoneau ©
Richard Reed Perry by Guillaume Simoneau ©

June 19th, 2014
Yellow Lounge Berghain

Richard Reed Parry, the multi-talented musician out of Montreal’s rich and striking music-scene, is probably best known for his work as a core member of arcade fire and the band’s unique sound-design. Parry is the leading force and creative head of bell orchestre, being responsible for the remarkably complex instrumental compositions.

Very recently, the composer released music for heart and breath (Deutsche Grammophon), several pieces for ensemble – duet up to octet.

Tempo and development of the individual parts depend literally on the heart beat of the musicians – by listening through stethoscopes to the beat of their very own hearts – they are bound to follow them.

For deutsche grammophon‘s yellow lounge, stargaze and Richard Reed Parry will team up and present the German premiere ofmusic for heart and breath