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Recorded in October 2018 at the National Concert Hall Dublin, stargaze invited several composers to arrange Lisa’s wonderful songs for stargaze. Listen to our first single here and order here 


For Record Store Day 2019 we released our EP Instruments – compositions by Greg Saunier based on Fugazi’s In On The Killtaker LP – more info here!


Music for the Long Emergency will be released on February 16th 2018 and is our collaborative album with Poliça. You can pre-order the album here and listen to the first single How is this Happening here.



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Bruise Blood: Reimagining Steve Reich’s Music for Pieces of Wood is an etched one-sided 12″, released on vinyl and digital on June 14th 2017. Together with Polica we took on this music for woodblocks and translated it to our instruments and musical language and recorded the outcome in November 2016 at April Base.

Buy the vinyl via Transgressive Records.


stargaze deerhoof variations

On December 4th 2015, we released our first EP, with the premiere recording of Greg Saunier’s Deerhoof Chamber Variations. Deerhoof Chamber Variations is devised as a continuous piece of instrumental music, based on 9 1/2 songs which drummer and composer Greg Saunier originally wrote for his acclaimed band Deerhoof. Different from most other band and orchestra/classical collaborations, Greg himself arranged and recomposed the material for a classical chamber ensemble, using exactly the same notes as in the originals while rearranging the songs structurally, in a kind of miniaturizing and abstracting way.

Buy the 12″ via our label Transgressive Records, and the digital EP on iTunes.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video that accompanies the first single from the EP: