performing mica levi’s ‘under the skin’ at rewire festival

under the skin

April 1st, 2016
Den Haag, The Netherlands
Rewire festival

Mica Levi is a British composer and musician, known from experimental pop group Micachu & The Shapes. Levi wrote the critically acclaimed soundtrack for cult film Under The Skin by Jonathan Glazer starring Scarlett Johansson . The hauntingly beautiful soundtrack will now be performed live in its entirety for the first time in the Netherlands, presented by Rewire Festival, at a very special venue: de Grote Kerk in the city centre of The Hague.

Mica Levi won a European Film Award for the Under The Skin OST, which was described by the Guardian as “a score that brings together strings, percussion, distortions in speed and clashing microphones to create sounds that are seductive, perverted and compassionate”.