matthew herbert & stargaze perform terry riley’s ‘in c’

Matthew Herbert by Lucy Pope
Matthew Herbert by Lucy Pope

October 4th, 2013

terry riley’s in c is one of the first and style- defining works of the so-called minimal music. his influence on later us- and european composers, but also on the development of electronic club-music as well as pop music nowadays, is not to be dismissed. the 1964 composed work premiered in san francisco the same year  – the birthdate of minimal music.

initiated by stargaze and invited by the barbican hall londonfor their fifth edition of transcender,  matthew herbert and the young music-collective stargaze will now perform and redefine in c.

herbert, especially known for his live-sampling and works with “concrete sounds”, will record and sample the live-performed acoustical patterns of in c, electronically rework and mix them with instrumental sounds again: the different layers, interfering with each other, will have an even more intense effect – a homage to a timeless piece and music’s developments since 1964.