New Record Releases!

Live In Dublin packshot
Recorded in October 2018 at the National Concert Hall Dublin, stargaze invited several composers to arrange Lisa’s wonderful songs for stargaze. Listen to our first single here and order here 


For Record Store Day 2019 we released our EP Instruments – compositions by Greg Saunier based on Fugazi’s In On The Killtaker LP – more info here!

U P C O M I N G  C O N C E R T S

August 3rd: All Together Now Festival with Lisa Hannigan, Ireland
August 9th: Haldern Pop Festival with Soap&Skin and Beethoven 8th by Greg Saunier, Germany
August 17th: Elbphilharmonie Summer with Soap&Skin, Hamburg, Germany
August 19th: Soap&Skin with stargaze for Helsinki Festival
August 20th: Blackstar and Björk's Debut for Helsinki Festival
August 21st: Lisa Hannigan and stargaze for Helsinki Festival
September 25th - October 5th: stargaze in cooperation with Teac Damsa for Dublin Theater Festival, Ireland 
November 2nd: Crossing Border The Hague with Soap&Skin, Netherlands
November 9th: Björk's Debut, Iceland Weekend, Philharmonie de Paris
November 12th: Björk's Debut, Theater Tilburg, Netherlands
November 27th: Under The Skin, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, Netherlands
November 28th: Under The Skin, Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht, Netherlands
November 29th: Under The Skin, Muziekgebouw Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 30th: Under The Skin, De Doelen Rotterdam, Netherlands 
December 1st: Under The Skin, Korzo The Hague, Netherlands

February 1st : Beethoven NEIN! with Matthew Herbert, Barbican London
May 29th: Richard Reed Parry and stargaze, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg