Out on February 16th MFTLEcover_HiRes

Happy to announce our LP Music for the Long Emergency – ready to pre-order here. With thanks to NPR Music for first listening and the words!

U P C O M I N G  C O N C E R T S

December 2-10th 2017: Spitalfields Music

 January 13th 2018: The Rest is Noise

February 15-23rd 2018: US Tour with POLIÇA

February 27th 2018: Oval Space, London – with POLIÇA

March 1-4th 2018: Cross-Linx Festival, The Netherlands

Michelberger Music – now online:

PEOPLE. It’s on now – back in September/ October 2016 Michelberger Music took us on a journey alongside a whole bunch of other amazing artists to collaborate and explore. And now you can as well. HERE. Also make sure to switch on the RADIO.